5 Bizarre Computer Keyboards That Actually Exist

Posted in Hardware on April 2, 2017

Weird Keyboard by King's Assembly

We can't believe that these keyboards actually exist and that people really use them. Our first keyboard on the list is the same one from our featured image...

#1 - King's Assembly

This "Computer Mouse Full Of Awesome" (their words, not mine) raised just under $240,000 on Kickstarter. It's creator (Eric Charlton) decided that moving his hands between his keyboard and mouse was too much work, so he created this two piece solution that includes:

  • a laser mouse
  • a mechanical keyboard
  • two joysticks

All of these features in a two piece device, one for each hand to control. Now you can play video games with even less physical activity! See this keyboard in action in the video below.

#2 - SafeType™ Ergonomic Keyboard

Woman Using SafeType Keyboard

What is she even looking at?

According to SafeType.com, their keyboard is...

"the first keyboard that solves the problems of pronation, dorsal flexion and ulnar deviation that occur while working on a conventional keyboard."

I have no idea what half of that mumbo-jumbo means, but that lady sure does look happy using their weird keyboard. Here's another look at it below.

Safetype Keyboard

Those wings on the sides are mirrors. I think they're supposed to be an ergonomic way to help you see wtf you're doing.

#3 - The Seafarer Keyboard

This is the only normal-looking keyboard on the list. It sports a steampunk, nautical design cast in brass. Absolutely perfect for seafaring hipsters. The most bizarre thing about this keyboard is the price; you're not going to believe how much it costs!

The Seafarer Keyboard

How many should I buy for my time machine?

#4 - The Twiddler

This is a handheld keyboard and mouse combination that was first introduced back in 1992! It looks like the neglected offspring of a Wii Remote and and an old T9 flip phone.

The Twiddler website boasts that average users can (somehow) type 30 to 60 word per minute with a little practice. Power users can reach up to 260 words per minute on this thing by taking advantage of the customization features.

#5 - LEEHUR Mini Bluetooth Virtual Keyboard

Virtual Bluetooth Keyboard

Last but not least is a household electronic that we know is really watching you: the LEEHUR Bluetooth Virtual Keyboard. This keyboard uses lasers to project a keyboard onto a flat surface and then analyzes your motions with a camera to capture your input. Since it's a bluetooth keyboard, you can use this to turn any flat surface into a keyboard for any device. The only thing that can make a laser keyboard cooler would be if it was encased in brass or something.