Xiaomi Mi Mix 3 Phone Review

Posted in Hardware on April 2, 2019

Xiaomi thinks they have the answer for everyone in 2019: a slider phone. With the introduction of their new flagship, Xiaomi Mi Mix 3, Xiaomi is stepping away from the rest of the pack and introducing what their take on a smartphone that is all screen.

What you get with the Mi Mix 3 is a giant 6.39" Super AMOLED screen which has no notch or teardrop. The only thing present is a tiny bezel but it is not intrusive at all, leaving you with a truly immersive experience. The magic here is the magnetic slider which Xiaomi says is good for over 300,000 slides, although I wouldn't start counting or testing that since it would drive most people crazy thinking about the possible last slide of their brand new phone.

Putting pressure on the screen and just a small push up with your back fingers and voila! The Mi Mix 3's dual 24MP cameras are exposed. When you complete this action not only does the camera application open for an immediate selfie, but you are greeting with a super cool futuristic noise. Luckily you get the noise again when you close it, for full effect.

This is not to say the slider is the only trick up Xiaomi's sleeve here, the phone is jam packed with flagship specs including the Snapdragon 845, 6GB of RAM and 128GB of storage right out of the gate. You can splurge for a limited edition 8GB of RAM but that version isn't quite ready for prime time yet. Couple this with a full day 3200 mAh battery, Xiaomi's legendary MIUI and you have yourself a phone that will turn heads but keep your wallet heavy.

Xiaomi is undoubtably the leader in budget phones, and although the Mi Mix 3 does shy into the upper tiers of pricing, you are rewarded with specs that make all those with Apple and Samsung device owners thinking "did I make the right choice?".