New Amazon Cash Let's You Shop on Amazon Without a Bank or Credit Card

Posted in Tech News on April 4, 2017

Amazon Cash Launched on April 3, 2017

Amazon just launched their new service, Amazon Cash, yesterday on April 3, 2017. Amazon describes it as "The fast, no fee way to use cash to shop on Amazon."

How Amazon Cash Works

To use Amazon Cash, you have to get a barcode. You can have them text it to your cell or you can print your barcode. Once you have your barcode you can go to one of the stores in Amazon's program and your cashier will scan it to add money to your Amazon Balance.

Participating Stores

Amazon states that they are currently adding more retailers to their program. As of this writing, these are the stores currently enlisted:

Amazon's Special Offer: Add $50 and Get $10 Free!

Amazon Cash Promo

The offer expires on May 31, 2017 and your credit has to be used by June 30, 2017. Full details on their website.

Until May 31, 2017 you get a free $10 digital credit when you add $50 to your Amazon Balance with Amazon Cash. Your $10 credit is available to use until June 30,2017 if you choose to take advantage of the offer.

The credit applies to any of these digital categories:

  • Appstore
  • Kindle books
  • Digital Video
  • Digital Music
  • Digital Software
  • Digital Video Games
Similar Technology

Amazon Cash is similar to PayPal's service, PayPal My Cash Card. PayPal's service allows you to purchase a card at a most common retailers. It's like a gift card that you can buy with cash and then send to your PayPal account.

Amazon takes the same concept but makes it more efficient by eliminating the need to purchase a physical object. Everything for Amazon Cash is handled on your phone or by you printing your own bar code.

Amazon Cash Screenshot